A patient's first visit is fun and full of information! After being greeted at the front desk and filling out any necessary paperwork, the patient will be taken into the clinic. At that point, an orthodontic assistant will take 4 photos of the patient's face and teeth. The Doctor will then sit down with the patient to chat and go over any immediate concerns. The exam consists of the Doctor taking a look in the mouth with a mirror while the assistant takes notes.

After the exam, the Doctor will meet with the patient (and parents) in a private room to discuss what he found and his recommendations to fix it. We use a wonderful computer program that illustrates problems and solutions in a manner that makes it easy to understand for everyone involved. 

After your questions have been answered, fees, insurance and flexible payment options will be discussed. 

When the examination appointment is done, you will have all the information you will need to make an informed, educated decision about your child's or your own treatment.