The retention period of your treatment is just as important as your braces. After your braces are removed--that's a great day!--you will receive 2 removable retainers, one for your upper teeth, one for your lower teeth. The retainers must be worn 24 hours a day for at least 6 months. This helps to keep your teeth in place after all that moving around that the braces accomplished. If the retainers are not worn correctly, your teeth will start to shift very quickly. 

After about 6 months, the Doctors will instruct you to go to nighttime wear. Ideally, retainers should be worn at night forever. At the very least, retainers should be worn until the age of 21 when growth has stopped and when the possible extraction of wisdom teeth has been addressed. 

Retainers come in all sorts of colors and designs. You can pick and choose whatever you want!