Our Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy is and always has been to deliver the finest in quality care with state of the art technology. This is our promise. Our goal is to finish treatment within a reasonable time frame and with healthy, beautiful teeth. In order to reach this goal our patients’ cooperative efforts are just as important as the efforts of the doctors. With this in mind we have created a program to emphasize the need for a partnership between our patients and this office. Our program includes a clear understanding of expectations and responsibilities as well as personal attention and resources within the office to help everyone maximize their treatments.

As a patient, you are always encouraged to ask questions in order to help your treatment progress in a positive manner.

The House Rules:

  1. Clean teeth and gums
  2. Proper Care of Appliances
  3. Proper Wear of Appliances
  4. Keeping Appointments

Following the House Rules earns you Points in our Patient Rewards Hub!  Earn points at every appointment for being on time, brushing well, not having anything loose or broken and wearing your appliances as instructed. You can also earn points for going to the Dentist, doing well in school, community service and lots more! Get your Rewards Card at the office and log in on our homepage.