Comprehensive treatment is treatment that involves the entire mouth and lasts on average between 24-36 months. Treatment can begin when most or all of the baby teeth have been lost and most of the adult teeth have come in. Most children are ready for comprehensive treatment by 11 or 12 years old but we have seen kids who are ready much earlier. Beginning treatment is more dependent on dental development than age. 

Comprehensive treatment involves putting braces on all of the teeth. Some treatment plans involve other appliances such as head gear, expanders or herbst appliances depending on need. All treatment plans include arch wires--it is the wires that actually move the teeth. Just about everyone will need to use elastics at some point during treatment as well. 

Getting your braces on is easy! The Doctor (always the Doctor!) will glue each brace to each tooth with a special adhesive. The Doctor or an Assistant will then "tie in" the wires. It is the wires that do all the work in your mouth. Without wires your teeth wouldn't move at all. 

At each visit you will be able to choose "colors" for your braces. These are little colored bands that go around each brace that help to hold the wires in. You can choose as many colors as you like every time!